Thank you, Al Jazeera America

February 12, 2015 in Media Coverage

Al Jazeera America has just published a really outstanding piece on ketamine treatment for depression. Thank you to the author, Tim Bella, for telling the story in a way that balances the perspectives of doctors, researchers, and patients. Too many articles on ketamine try to manufacture controversy by hyping researchers’ concerns, which attracts readers but casts the treatment in a false light. But Tim’s article does not rely on this gimmick. It gives voice to actual patients whose lives have been transformed, and it also explains the history and unknowns in a straightforward way. Bravo.

Thank you, National Public Radio

December 15, 2014 in Media Coverage

NPR affiliate KPCC in Southern California did a segment on ketamine for depression today, as part of their AirTalk program with Larry Mantle.  Dennis Hartman, founder and CEO of the Ketamine Advocacy Network, was a studio guest and described his own experience as a patient, and explained some of the basics about the treatment.  Also on the program were Dr. Alan Schatzberg, past president of the American Psychiatric Association and Professor of Psychiatry at Stanford, and Dr. David Feifel, Professor of Psychiatry at UC San Diego who treats some depression patients with ketamine, and whose contact info can be found on our directory.

An audio recording of the broadcast can be found here.

Thank you, New York Times

December 10, 2014 in Media Coverage

Today’s New York Times article is driving a huge amount of traffic to our site.  If you are here to learn the basics about ketamine for depression (and bipolar and PTSD) see our FAQ page.  If you’re looking for a doctor who offers ketamine treatment, see our directory and interactive map.

We’ve been hard at work to dramatically improve this website, and it will be relaunching soon with a complete overhaul.  If you don’t find the info you’re looking for today, please check back shortly as we’ll be adding quite a bit of new content, and hundreds of links to additional resources.

This is a good time to give a caution that we don’t provide medical advice here.  We are patients, not doctors.  Our aim is to inform, and to make our fellow sufferers aware that there is an extraordinary new treatment available if you have severe, treatment-resistant depression that hasn’t responded to anything else.  Consider volunteering for a clinical trial where you can receive an infusion, or use this site to find a doctor who offers the treatment.  In the meantime you should absolutely, positively NOT try ketamine on your own illegally or for recreational purposes.


Coming soon: website re-launch

October 21, 2014 in Misc

We will be re-launching our website in December, with brand new content, tons of scientific research and media coverage, an updated directory of doctors, and links to ketamine studies where you can volunteer.  Plus a dramatically improved interface.  Stay tuned…

UPDATE 1/2/15:
Well, we didn’t get the re-launch done in December as we hoped.  That’s life when you’re operating on a shoestring nonprofit budget, especially when a member of your already-small team gets sideline by unexpected surgery for a couple weeks.  The re-launch is still coming, and we’ll announce it loudly.

You can influence depression research

July 30, 2014 in Research

Redkite has posted a link in the discussion forums to a survey being conducted by the James Lind Alliance. This influential group is seeking to shape the direction of depression research in the UK and elsewhere. You do not have to be a UK citizen to complete the survey. Time is short — the survey closes tomorrow, July 31. Please consider participating. Thank you, Redkite.

The survey is here:

Interactive map of ketamine doctors

July 8, 2014 in Advocacy

We’ve added an interactive map to our directory of US ketamine therapy providers.

You may see an ad attached to the map. This is because we are using a free mapping service in order to keep our costs low. The ad is placed by the free mapping service, not us. We do not sell ads on this site or endorse any product or provider.

Please sign this petition regarding ketamine research

July 4, 2014 in Advocacy, Research

Please see this petition created by Depression Recovery Centers and consider signing.  It is self-explanatory, and compelling.

Warning: Scam Alert

July 4, 2014 in Misc

** Scam Alert **

Beware of fraudulent referral service.

UPDATE 7/24/14: The scammer has been shut down. For now. Please be vigilant and don’t fall for any offer that wants money or your personal information in exchange for referring you to a ketamine doctor. You can find these doctors on your own, for free, on this site and elsewhere. [original post below]

A scammer is attempting to prey on depression sufferers by offering a bogus service to find the nearest ketamine infusion provider.  Don’t fall victim to this scam.  Do not pay money or disclose info to anyone posing as a “finder” who can locate the nearest clinic.  This information is freely available on our site and elsewhere.  See our Directory of US Ketamine Providers.

The scammer has set up a phony WordPress site, and is fraudulently posing as Depression Recovery Centers (DRC).  DRC is one of the world’s leading ketamine clinics, located in Scottsdale, AZ.  DRC’s legitimate website is located here:

How to avoid the phony site:
The phony site has the term wordpress in its address, unlike DRC’s legitimate website.  The phony site claims to be a Ketamine Infusion Finder Clinic Locator (sic).  Do not click on these links.

We’ve added an FAQ

April 5, 2014 in Advocacy

We’ve added an FAQ.  Please see the tab above, or click here.

An outstanding article on ketamine

November 1, 2013 in Research

Here is an outstanding essay explaining ketamine treatment for depression: The current mental health crisis and the coming Ketamine revolution

The author is a PhD neuroscientist with a deep understanding of the science and the issues. Instead of rehashing the same oversimplified messages like most articles about ketamine, this one gives a complete explanation of the key issues, and makes them very easy to understand without dumbing anything down. Most articles about ketamine recycle the same soundbites, using the same oversimplified headlines. But this article gives a complete overview, and explains how ketamine fits into the bigger picture of the US mental health care system. It contrasts ketamine against the established approach toward treating depression, which has essentially failed those with severe, treatment-resistant depression. Highly recommended reading.

The author, Dr. Pascal Wallisch, has a blog ( and twitter feed ( that cover topics in neuroscience and psychology. Many of his posts are very relevant to depression sufferers.